Air Experience Flights Terms & Conditions

By completing the purchase of an Air Experience Flight you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions as set out below.

Medical, Weight and Age Restrictions

  • Customers must be over 16 years old, unless accompanied by an adult where the aircraft type allows.
  • Customers must be physically capable of getting into and out of the aircraft without assistance.
  • If you are aged over 70 we will require a letter from your GP confirming your suitability to undertake the flight with us (unless a pilot medical is held).
  • We will make best endeavours to ensure those of larger or smaller stature are safe and comfortable in the aircraft. Generally, we cannot accommodate those taller than 6’4″ or heavier than 98kg (clothed).
  • The total weight of all passengers (clothed) and personal possessions carried on board the aircraft should not exceed 150kg. This will be checked before flight. If this total weight is expected to be more than 150kg, please contact YAA to discuss this as part of your booking, as the exact weights will have to be carefully considered to remain within the flight envelope of the aircraft.

Weather and Aircraft Serviceability

  • We will only fly if weather conditions and aircraft serviceability are suitable for the flight that you wish to undertake.
  • Presence of low cloud, poor visibility, heavy precipitation may mean that the flight cannot take place.
  • We will make best endeavours to contact you with as much notice as we can, however in the case of unforecast weather or aircraft/airfield unserviceability this may not be possible.
  • We may offer a rearrangement of your flight for another mutually convenient time, and hope that you can understand that safety is our top priority.
  • Please note that we accept no liability for any costs incurred such as travel or accommodation when flying has to be cancelled.

Air Sickness

  • Our number one priority is your safety, and secondly your comfort we want you to enjoy your flight and take up aviation as a hobby or career.
  • Our experienced pilots will tailor the air experience to you personally to try and ensure your comfort throughout.
  • If you do feel unwell we ask that you tell your pilot immediately, who can arrange a break or return to land at any time.
  • It is uncommon for passengers to be physically unwell, however, we do provide comfort bags in the aircraft for your convenience.  In the event of physical sickness, if you are unable to use the comfort bag we reserve the right to charge a professional cleaning fee.

Duration of Flight

  • The length of our air experience flights do vary, depending on the aircraft and air experience type.
  • Standard air experience flights are usually 30 minutes in duration.


  • Safety is our number one priority in all circumstances with no compromises.
  • There is a small risk attached to light aircraft flight, not unlike many recreational activities, however, there are strict regulations and mitigations to ensure the highest of safety standard.  These include;
  •  Aircraft maintained to strict UK CAA safety standards.
  •  Pilots are professional instructors, certified by the UK CAA.
  • Flights are conducted under the supervision of our Declared Training Organisation, which ensures our adherence of our safety protocols and procedures.
  • Copies of our insurance certificate is available on request, but please note some of your own personal policies may not cover this activity.

Air Experience Flights are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.