Steps to Gain Your Private Pilot’s Licence in Leeds

Get your PPL Private Pilot’s Licence in Leeds and fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot. Perhaps you wish to work for a commercial airline, or maybe you are just planning on some recreational flying? Whatever your goal, if you’re looking to start your Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) training in Leeds area, you can start your journey at Yorkshire Aviation Academy today!

Yorkshire Aviation Academy

Learn to fly solo and navigate

Anyone aged 17 and above can obtain the PPL(A) and can start training from age 14. This is a non-expiring ‘lifetime’ licence. You will need to complete a minimum of 45 hours flying time, including 10 hours solo. Our instructors at Yorkshire Aviation Academy will teach you all the practical flight training and theoretical knowledge needed to fly light aeroplanes. Your PPL training in Leeds includes: aircraft manoeuvres, navigation, emergency procedures and cross-country flight planning.

Pass your theory and PPL exams

At the end of the course, a flight examiner tests your general handling and navigation skills. After successfully completing your PPL training in Leeds, you will have the skills required to legally pilot a light aircraft. You can act as a pilot-in-command (PIC) on non-commercial operations on planes or touring motor gliders (TMGs). This includes flying during the day and in reasonable weather conditions.

You can also study extra ratings including: Night, Instrument and Multi Engine Piston. If you wish, you can continue to build on this foundation course and continue your career into the world of commercial aviation.

Yorkshire Aviation Academy
Yorkshire Aviation Academy

PPL validity

The Private Pilot’s Licence is held unless suspended or revoked by the issuing authority or surrendered by the holder. For the licence to be valid for any particular flight the medical certificate and relevant aircraft ratings must be valid.

If you are just beginning your journey, you can book a trial flight and your initial lessons. However, before you embark on a full training programme, it is recommended to have a medical check. To become a commercial airline pilot, you will need to obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Night Rating

This enables pilots to operate under VFR (Visual Flight Rules) during the hours of darkness. The course comprises at least 5 hours of flight time and at least 3 hours of dual instruction. This includes at least 1 hour of cross-country navigation with at least 1 dual cross-country flight of 50 km (27 nm) plus 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo full-stop landings. The course has to be completed within 6 months.

Instrument Rating

After you have gained your Private Pilot’s Licence, the Instrument Rating (Restricted) IR(R) course is often considered the next step. This essential course trains pilots to deal with a wider range of weather conditions during the flight or when coming in to land. The IR(R) is an excellent way of developing your skills along with your confidence and is also likely to increase your potential flying time.

Like any skill, once you have obtained the IR(R), regular practice to maintain a high level of proficiency over currency is vital. The course requires 15 dual instrument flying training and a minimum of 20 hours of theoretical knowledge training.

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